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©Maximiliano Ramos/ZUMAPRESS.com/MAXPPP - June 3, 2019 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Jun 3, 2019 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Four years of the Ni Una Menos movement, more and more women suffer gender violence... The latest data showed that in 2018 there were 278 women murdered. The figure represents an increase of 10.7% compared to the 251 femicides registered in 2017... A woman dies a victim of a femicide every 30 hours in Argentina... 278 lethal victims of crimes of gender violence. 255, direct victims of femicides -of which four were transfemicidios- and 23 linked femicides. 83% of the victims had a previous link with the indicated men, imputed, prosecuted or convicted, with firm or not conviction, in the files. 56% of the femicides were committed by couples or ex-partners. 15% for family members and 12% for people with other types of ties. The rest, for men that the victims did not know.