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©Mediadrumimages/GabrielGuzman/ShannonMyers/Media Drum World /Maxppp ; AUSTRALIA: One of Shannon's favourite pictures, she poses alongside an elated moray eel. THIS STUNNING diver’s eye-catching ‘sea-lfies’ are so incredible that some internet sceptics have suggested they are FAKE. Remarkable shots of New Zealand beauty Shannon Leah Myers, 31, show her posing with a delighted moray eel in a once-in-a-lifetime shot, swimming alongside the Great Barrier Reef’s famous ‘Wally’ the Maori wrasse, and hanging out with a nurse shark in the briny deep. Apart from Shannon’s selfie with the moray eel, the rest of the shots were captured by her underwater photography partner Gabriel Guzman. Mediadrumimages/GabrielGuzman/ShannonMyers ; *** FRANCE ONLY ***