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©Miguel Gutiérrez/EFE/MAXPPP- Caracas Venezuela 10/08/2019 ; Supporters of the Government of Nicolas Maduro participate in a demonstration against the measures of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, against Venezuela, in Caracas, Venezuela, 10 August 2019. The Government of Maduro has agitated this Saturday social networks with hundreds of messages under the slogan "No more Trump" in the framework of the "world protest" convened by Chavism against the blockade of Venezuelan state assets in the United States ordered this week by President Donald Trump. Maduro, who called the protest in the streets and also asked to take it to internet platforms, greeted on Twitter the reception that his call has had especially in this social network, in which the label "No More Trump (No more Trump)" is the most used by Venezuelan Internet users. EFE/ Miguel Gutierrez