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MDRMW201804300364.jpg ©Tim Laman / Drum World /Maxppp ; INCREDIBLE images and video footage has confirmed a new species of bird after its courtship dance varied from another similar species. The stunning footage shows the new species, the Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise raising its cape while displaying a bright blue chest and spots on its head as it dances for a female. When expanded for courtship display, the Vogelkop male's raised cape creates a completely different appearance—crescent-shaped with pointed tips rather than the oval shape of the widespread form of the species. The way the Vogelkop male dances for the female is also is distinctive, the steps being smooth instead of bouncy. This newly-publicised clip supports full species status for one of the dancing birds-of-paradise in New Guinea, with this particular species only found in the island’s far-western Bird’s Head or Vogelkop region.