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20181026_zap_c161_002 ©Lorenzo Carnero/ZUMAPRESS.com/MAXPPP - October 26, 2018 - 26 october 2018 (Malaga) A hundred immigrants spend the night on the floor of a tent in the Port of Malaga.262 people arrived in five boats, which again overflowed the facilities that are in the city for the welcome. Another time Mvɬ°laga overflowed by the arrival of immigrants to its port. Five boats were rescued in the Alboran Sea on Thursday night.A total of 262 people arrived, who had no place to stay temporarily. Until the next day they could be transferred to the Center for the Temporary Shelter of Foreigners (CATE) of San Roque.They were registered by the authorities. First the small interview, then a medical review. Finally, there was a group of 108 people who had no place to spend the night and they did it stacked on the floor in a tent covered with the blankets that the Red Cross gave them.