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©JESUS DIGES/EPA/MAXPPP - epa07698624 A traditional 'gaiteros' band (C) performs during the firing of the 'chupinazo' that marks the beginning of the Festival of San Fermin 2019 at City Hall Square in Pamplona, Spain, 06 July 2019. The firing of a rocket, the chupinazo, from the City Hall's balcony at midday signals the beginning of event. The festival, locally known as Sanfermines, is held annually from 06 to 14 July in commemoration of the city's patron saint. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world attend the fiesta. Many of them physically participate in the highlight event - the running of the bulls, or encierro - where they attempt to outrun the bulls along a route through the narrow streets of the old city. EPA-EFE/JESUS DIGES