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©SERGEY DOLZHENKO/EPA/MAXPPP - epa07700390 Ukrainian girls wearing flower's diadems jump in front of an old windmill in Kiev, Ukraine, 06 July 2019, as she celebrates the traditional pagan holiday of Ivana Kupala. Ivana Kupala is celebrated, during the summer solstice, on the shortest night of the year, marking the beginning of summer and is celebrated in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Russia. People sing and dance around bonfires, play games and perform traditional rituals. Young people jump over bonfires in order to test their bravery. Couples holding hands jump over the flames to test their love. If the couple does not succeed it is predicted to split up. Traditionally, children and young unmarried women wear wreaths of wild flowers on their heads to symbolize purity. EPA-EFE/SERGEY DOLZHENKO