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©RUNGROJ YONGRIT/EPA/MAXPPP - epa07772959 A Thai Buddhist monk chants blessing to the remains of a dog during a pet cremation funeral service at the Wat Khlong Toei Nai Temple in Bangkok, Thailand, 14 August 2019. Wat Khlong Toei Nai was the first and one of a few Buddhist temples offering cremation funeral services for pet lovers for more than three decades. The cremation is practiced to return the remains of the animal back to the planet's basic elements. In Thailand, Buddhist devotees believe in the life and death cycle, and animals can possibly be reincarnated as humans. Thai animal owners believe that by giving their beloved pet prayer offerings, monk blessing and cremation with full funeral rites in a hope to give them a chance to be reborn in a better life. EPA-EFE/RUNGROJ YONGRIT ATTENTION: This Image is part of a PHOTO SET