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07213220 ©GEORGI LICOVSKI/EPA/MAXPPP BITOLA 20181206 Pigs feed at a landfill site in front of the biggest thermal power station in FYROM 'REK BITOLA' near city of Bitola, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 06 December 2018. The thermal power station 'REK BITOLA' is the biggest producer of electric energy in FYROM with production of over 50 percent of the total electricity produced in the whole country. At the same time 'REK BITOLA' is the biggest pollutant in FYROM and Bitola is the most polluted city in the country with over 180 days when the level of pollution is higher than the permitted levels. Some 40 percent of the people with cancer diseases in the country are from this region. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed Skopje as the most polluted capital in Europe.