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©EUGENIO LORETO/EPA/MAXPPP - epa07270579 Catholic devotees wave white towels during a procession of The Black Nazarene to mark the Black Nazarene feast day in Manila, Philippines, 09 January 2019. Barefoot Roman Catholic devotees pushed and shoved during the procession in attempts to touch the Black Nazarene, a centuries-old statue of a suffering Jesus Christ. The life-size wooden statue was said to have been brought to the country by a Spanish priest. Sculpted in Mexico, the original wooden sculpture of the Black Nazarene arrived in Manila on 31 May 1606 on a galleon from Acapulco that, according to tradition, caught fire at sea. Philippine legend claims that the flames gave the statue its distinctive charred look, although a different version says that it was the work of a dark-skinned Mexican sculptor who wanted Jesus to reflect his own skin color.